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Transfer case installation

Before the installation of the transfer box, please check whether the surface, shaft extension, keyway or external spline of the shell of the distribution box are in good condition. If there is any damage, it should be repaired in time. When equipped with keyway and spline sleeve, grease can be applied to make the equipment easy for corrosion prevention and later disassembly. It must be ensured that the seal of the drive shaft is clean and in good condition. If the surface of the distribution box must be painted, oil seal and other protective measures should be taken to prevent the transmission shaft from damaging the seal and causing oil leakage. Do not damage and remove the oil retaining ring installed on the flange of the force intake device. We suggest using high elastic coupling to connect diesel engine with distribution box, bushing and clamping sleeve without backlash). When installing the multi pump series hydraulic pump, if necessary, special support can be used to prevent the severe vibration of the oil pump from damaging the shell of the distribution box. When installing the coupling, pulley or other parts on the transmission shaft, select the appropriate installation method (for example, use the pressing plate, bolt and centering screw hole of the transmission shaft to fix the transmission parts). Do not knock hard during installation to avoid damaging the bearing and retaining ring. The hydraulic pump is installed on the flange of the force port, and the O-ring is used as the oil seal. At the same time, the gear bearing should be protected from the influence of axial force. When installing the coupling, the spline teeth must be oiled in advance. We can use t or NBU 30 PTM stabilizer. However, the spline sleeve oil is lubricated from the oil in the lubrication system of the distribution box, so it is not necessary to apply grease. After the oil pump is installed, all accessories of the distribution box, such as the oil filling head, shall be installed.