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The principle and present situation of reducer and transmission equipment

In 2009, China's gear, transmission and drive parts manufacturing industry withstood the adverse impact of the international financial crisis, and the industry continued to grow steadily. Although the growth rate dropped sharply compared with last year, the financial crisis in the United States, Japan and other developed countries still affected the steady growth of China's reducer, drive and drive parts manufacturing industry, resulting in a decline in industrial sales. China has become a major producer of gears and other transmission equipment in the world.

Gear reducer, transmission parts and transmission parts are one of the most basic parts of mechanical equipment. In the world, a large number of enterprises produce gear reducer parts. In foreign countries, the production of driving parts is mainly specialized, and the enterprises are more competitive

The scale is generally small and medium-sized, and the number of personnel is up to several hundred. Many companies are global, with production, sales and service outlets all over the world. Other driving parts companies are part of large companies. It is now one of the world's largest manufacturers of automotive drive components, but mainly in the middle and low end. At present, in terms of drive components, the countries or regions with the largest market share in the world are Germany, North America, Japan and South Korea, as well as European countries such as Italy and France and China.

The rapid development of China's national economy and the adjustment of industrial structure in foreign developed countries have brought development opportunities to China's reducer, transmission and transmission parts industry. The continuous growth of domestic and foreign market demand has driven the development of the industry

The rapid development of the whole industry. As a result, the production capacity of the industry increased rapidly, and the total production increased significantly.