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The operation form of plunger pump

In the hydraulic system, the function of hydraulic pump is to convert the mechanical energy of prime mover such as motor or internal combustion engine into hydraulic pressure energy, provide pressure oil to the system and drive the system to work. It belongs to hydraulic power component. It has the following common basic characteristics:

1. The volume of liquid absorbed or discharged by hydraulic pump in each working cycle only depends on the geometric dimension of working components;

2. The theoretical flow of the hydraulic pump is proportional to the speed of the pump;

3. The theoretical flow of the hydraulic pump has nothing to do with the working pressure without considering the leakage and the compressibility of the liquid.

Plunger pump is to rely on the reciprocating movement of the plunger in the cylinder body, so that the volume of the sealing working cavity changes to achieve oil suction and pressure. Due to the high matching precision and good sealing performance of the plunger and the cylinder bore, the displacement of the pump can be changed by changing the working stroke of the plunger. Therefore, the plunger pump has the advantages of high pressure, high volumetric efficiency, convenient flow regulation and compact structure. Plunger pump is often used in high pressure, large flow and high speed system.