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Routine Maintenance of Pump

1. After stopping the pump, carry out routine maintenance; scrub the equipment to clean the oil and scale.

2. Check that the shield is well fixed without looseness; check that the belt is properly tightened without eccentric wear and slipping. Connecting rod clip shall be connected firmly without deflection and damage.

3. Check that the bearing temperature of the unit does not exceed 80 ℃ and the bearing bush is below 70 ℃; clean the dust at the suction inlet of the motor fan.

4. Check that the lubricating oil level meets the requirements, and timely add the deficiencies; clean the breathing valve.

5. Check and adjust the pressing amount of the pressure cap of the sealing box to ensure that the packing leakage is 30-50 drops / min. Clean up the sundries at the bottom of the sealing box groove and unblock the drainage hole

6. Check the instrument and safety parts to ensure that they are sensitive, accurate and reliable and free from dirt, looseness and leakage.