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Precautions for use and maintenance of hydraulic motor

Hydraulic motor and the same type of hydraulic pump are similar in structure and working principle. From the perspective of energy conversion, they are reversible. However, due to the different performance requirements of the users of hydraulic motor and hydraulic pump, there are still many differences between them. The daily inspection of hydraulic motor mainly includes the inspection of operation conditions, working medium, operation sound and motor temperature rise; the main content of disassembly inspection is whether the parts are damaged

Matters needing attention in using hydraulic motor

① The speed of hydraulic motor should not be too low;

② The oil drain port of the hydraulic motor shall be connected to the oil tank separately;

③ When the plunger motor is used for the first time, the housing should be filled with working medium;

④ In the closed hydraulic motor circuit, necessary measures should be taken to ensure reasonable flow matching;

⑤ When starting the hydraulic motor, the viscosity of working medium should not be too high or too low;

⑥ The brake must be used for the hydraulic motor which keeps braking for a long time;

⑦ Radial force on the shaft end of hydraulic motor should be avoided;

⑧ The installation position of the oil drain pipe of the hydraulic motor should be upward;

⑨ The oil outlet of inner curve hydraulic motor should have a back pressure of 0.5 ~ 1MPa;

⑩ Pay attention not to overload the hydraulic motor started with load.