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Failure and maintenance of hydraulic pump

Causes the hydraulic pump shortcoming factor: corresponding one shortcoming factor: the power supply does not match or the power supply is not connected. Corresponding to the second defect element: the joint is not connected well, there is no oil in the tank or the oil quantity is lack. Corresponding to three disadvantages: wear or damage of O-ring. Corresponding to the four disadvantages: the adjustment of high pressure relief valve is too low, the hydraulic oil is mixed with water or has impurities, the O-ring at the end of the pilot directional valve is damaged, there is air in the hydraulic series, the relief valve is worn, or the relief valve is not tightened, or the O-ring of the relief valve is damaged. Corresponding to the five shortcomings: radial piston pump bearing damage or plunger damage. Corresponding to the shortcomings of the six elements: hydraulic pump seal. Corresponding to the seven shortcomings of the elements: plunger or spring damage, some leakage, lack of hydraulic oil, hydraulic pump did not empty, oil temperature is too low to constitute the difficulty of oil absorption, oil temperature is too high, viscosity decline constitute the damage of the pump, filter blockage. The disadvantages of the corresponding eight elements: impurities in the hydraulic oil block the hydraulic components, the one-way valve on the connecting block is not tightly sealed, and the hydraulic series is mixed with air.

Solution corresponding to a repair method: check whether the voltage is in line with or connected. Corresponding to the second repair method: check the connection, connect from the beginning, corresponding to the third repair method: fill the tank with hydraulic oil. Corresponding to the fourth repair method: replace the good joint. Corresponding to the five repair methods: check the pressure gauge, adjust the relief valve to the system rated pressure, tighten the relief valve or change the relief valve, change the hydraulic oil, empty the working pump and empty the air. Repair method corresponding to six: replace the plunger or bearing, repair method corresponding to seven: replace the plunger or spring, tighten the joint, replace the sealing ring, fill up the hydraulic oil, control the oil temperature at - 10 ~ 60 ℃, clean the filter screen.